The first step in picking a PowerPoint presentation template is to think about who will see it.
  • Is the audience viewing Slides live as someone speaks?
  • Is the audience an online group looking at Slides on their own?
  • Is the audience a mix of people who did and did not see the live presentation?
  • Where in the world is the audience located?

The answers to these questions can impact everything from color to imagery to how words are presented in Slides. You need a presentation template that visually aligns with your goals. You need to start with a template that will help your audience – no matter their location or where they are viewing Slides – to understand the content with ease.

1、 Best Swot annual creative PowerPoint template


If you’re working on a presentation related to digital marketing or social media strategies, this PowerPoint template is for you. It includes 27 unique Slides with plenty of customizable charts, icons, graphs, and other objects.

2、Creative Charts business report Slide PowerPoint template


This PowerPoint template for marketers and business report. This template comes with 27 unique Slides . It also has many types of slide templates you need to showcase the power of digital marketing and business report.

3、 Creative Charts business Report PowerPoint template


This is a powerful PowerPoint template you can use to design a Slideshow for a marketing, business report,SEO, and web design related presentations. The template includes 30 unique and fully-animated Slides.

4、Creative Blue report PowerPoint template


A PowerPoint template featuring 31 unique Slides. This template is designed to use in business report and promotion presentations, especially related to Commerce and product promotions. The template comes with 20 + icons, infographics, diagrams, charts, and much more.

5、Gray creative  business Report PowerPoint template


This PowerPoint template is specially designed for all types of corporate meetings and presentations. It includes 30 unique Slides featuring a minimal and a clean design with a unique Infographic and a free font.

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