1. Right-click the slide that you want to add a background picture to and then choose Format Background.

  2. In the Format Background pane, choose Picture or texture fill.

  3. Under Insert picture from, do one of the following:

    • To insert a picture from a file, choose File, and then locate and choose the picture that you want to insert.

    • To paste a picture that you previously copied, choose Clipboard.

    • To use a picture from Bing, choose Online, and then in the Insert Images dialog box, in the search box, type a word or phrase that describes the picture that you want.

      Add a picture as a slide background

      Tip: To adjust a picture’s relative lightness or transparency — or the difference between its darkest and lightest areas (contrast), in the Format Background pane, under Fill, slide the Transparency bar to the left or right.

      For example, the following picture is set as a background for a slide, and the Transparency level is set to 48%, making it easier to see the text on the slide.

      Add a picture as a slide background

  4. To apply the picture as the background to all slides in your presentation, choose Apply to All.

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