Using a faded picture as a watermark in the background of your slides is a great way to display your company logo or a meaningful picture.

Add a transparent picture (watermark) to your slides

  1. Click View > Slide Master.

  2. In Slide Master View, in the thumbnail pane on the left, select the slide layouts that you want to add a picture watermark to.

  3. Right-click the slide you want and then select Format Background.

    Add a transparent picture (watermark) to your slides

  4. In the Format Background pane on the right, select Picture or Texture Fill, and then, under Insert picture from, do one of the following:

    • Select File, choose the picture that you want, and then select Insert to insert a picture from your device.

    • Select Clipboard to insert a picture you’ve copied to the clipboard.

    • Select Online and type a description in the search box of the type of image you want to choose a picture from an online resource.

  5. Once you’ve inserted a picture, go to the Format Background pane and slide the Transparency bar to set the transparency percentage.

  6. To apply the watermark to all slides in the presentation, in the Format Background pane, click Apply to all.

  7. When you’re finished editing in Slide Master view, select Close Master View.

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