New Slides

There are a couple of ways to add a new slide. In each way, the slide that is currently selected is important
as the new slide will be placed after the selected one. This means that if you want to insert a slide before the end of the
presentation, you will need to select the slide that appears before the one you want to insert. To select the slide, just
click on it. You can select the slide in whichever view you happen to be using, whether it’s Slides View or
Outline View.

Once you have selected a slide, click Home > Slides > New Slide. You’ll notice that the New Slide button is in
two halves.

Adding New Slides To A PowerPoint Presentation

If you click the top half of the New Slide button, the default Title and Content type slide will be added.
If, instead, you click the bottom half of the button, you will be able to select what type of slide is added.

Adding New Slides To A PowerPoint Presentation

Once the new slide has been added, you can click into one of the editable content boxes to make your changes.

The keyboard shortcut for adding new slides is ctrl-m.


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