Slide three is the first slide with a picture. Here’s our Slide outline
that we prepared for this presentation:

Insert a new slide by clicking Insert > New Slide from the
menu bar, or click the New Slide icon from the toolbar. PowerPoint 2000
users should see the New Slide dialogue box appear. For powerpoint 2003
users, you don’t have to do anything else, as the default slide is the
one we want.

Here’s the dialogue box for powerpoint 2000 users:

The selected slide, the second one, is the one we’re after. Click OK,
and powerpoint will insert a new slide. But notice that this is a copy
of the Master slide we set up at the start of this section:

Because we’ve already done the formatting for this slide, there’s not
too much to do. But click inside the Title box at the top, and type
the Title from the notes:

Your Title should then look like this, when you click outside of the
text box:

If you look at our Slide Three Outline at the top of the page, you’ll
see that the next thing to do is this:

Computer and desk – static image with no animation

You’ll need our images for this. The images are all here:

Download the ZIP file and the images are in the folder is called presentation2.

To insert the first image, click Insert > Picture > From File:

When the Insert Picture dialogue box appears, use the Look
box at the top to navigate to your download folder. Inside this
folder there will be a folder called presentation2. The images
are all in this folder. Insert the image called 1pcModem.jpg.
Your Insert Picture dialogue box should look something like this:

Click the Insert button at the bottom, when you have located
the correct picture. Your slide will then look like the one in the image

As you can see, the image is a bit too big, and is overlapping the
text box at the bottom. We can do something about this. So click below
to learn how to resize an image in powerpoint.

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