Printing Presentation in Powerpoint 2010

Printing Presentation in Powerpoint 2010 Previous Page Next Page   It is sometimes necessary that you share your slides with your audience in printed format before you begin presenting them so they can take notes. There are other times when you want to give your audience handouts with additional notes. To do this PowerPoint supports […]

Broadcast Slide Show in Powerpoint 2010

Broadcast Slide Show in Powerpoint 2010 Previous Page Next Page   PowerPoint 2010 offers users to broadcast their presentations on the internet to worldwide audience. Microsoft offers the free broadcast Slide Show service; all you need to do is share the link with your audience and they can watch the presentation from anywhere. There is […]

The Four Ds of Sales Management

Recently I stumbled across some notes that I had kept from a project I had been involved in which involved looking at manager behaviours. The aim of this project was to identify “preferred behaviours” in sales managers when they were working closely with their sales representatives.The outputs were interesting and helped my colleagues identify four […]

9 Tips for Hosting a Q&A

Presentations can be scary. So scary, in fact, that the question and answer sessions (Q&A) which often follow them are rarely given much forethought. Yet a strong presentation can easily be undermined by a vocal critic or a poorly answered question. To ensure success, consider following a few simple rules: 1. Prepare for the worst […]

Making a sale in ten minutes

“I can only give you about ten minutes” Have you ever run up against that one? If you have you may well have run into difficulty. Most sales people under time pressure tend to “pitch”. The trouble is that those that do so are more likely to turn the buyer “off” than “on”. Most people […]

Nail your next sales presentation

Question: I have a great product and I’ve got a new prospect coming to our office for an early-morning presentation. What’s the best way to ensure I make my best first impression and get the sale? Answer: The fact that you are the only person involved in your presentation works in your favor. You’ll have […]