Speaker’s Checklist for Success

While teaching a Fundamentals of Public Speaking course at Wilberforce University for the last two years, I have developed a checklist to help me to grade students’ speeches. Below is an expanded version of that checklist that can be used by speakers to prepare for their presentations. There are 32 items to be aware of. […]

How to sell to the Chinese

  Until very recently, no one even mentioned the spending power of the Chinese consumer.  The cheap manufactured goods and cheap labour captivated the attention of businessmen all over the world, the human rights issues and government issues troubled politicians, but now we must tailor our products to a new phenomenon – The Chinese Consumer. […]

Developing Client Trust

Selling is not so much about the features of our products or services–or even the benefits the customer receives.  Rather, it is about our relationship with the customer.  People do business with people they trust. That doesn’t mean people won’t make an occasional purchase of a specific item or service from someone they don’t trust, […]

A wake-up call

We’ve all sat in presentations where the lights are dimmed, the room is warm, the reader is droning on interminably. Uninteresting slides pass in succession across the screen. In this situation, the audience is effectively asleep. They might not have their eyes closed or be snoring – but they might as well be. Their attention […]

The seven minute presentation

“It takes seven hours to prepare a seven minute presentation” For a 7 minute presentation I would use all of the techniques of the five minute presentation, but would briefly introduce three points into the middle section of the presentation. The rule of three works well for the middle section of a presentation – people […]

What is a PowerPoint template?

What is a PowerPoint template? A PowerPoint template is presentation file or group of slides that are saved as a .ppt or .pptx file. A template can contain different layouts, theme colors, fonts, theme effects and background designs. PowerPoint templates may contain content as well and can help you to build your presentation without starting […]