The first step in picking a PowerPoint presentation template is to think about who will see it. Is the audience viewing Slides live as someone speaks? Is the audience an online group looking at Slides on their own? Is the audience a mix of people who did and did not see the live presentation?

1.Best black simple report PowerPoint template download


This Powerpoint template uses lots of images throughout its 24 unique Slides. Which makes it more suitable for Medical related presentations.

2.Best white business PowerPoint templates download


This is a Powerpoint template filled with lots of graphics and illustrations. It’s great for Medical and services. The template includes 29 unique Slides.

3.Best  business report PowerPoint templates download


A professionally designed Powerpoint template for creatives, professionals, and your company. It comes with 30 creative Slides, vector graphics, and more.

4. Best Blue annnual report PowerPoint templates download


This is yet another Medical Powerpoint templates  that includes 24 unique presentation templates that feature attractive graphics, charts, icons, and much more.

5.Best gray business Design PowerPoint templates download


This beautiful  template contains 22 PowerPoint Slides, hand made charts, professional layout that you can use to showcase your business or other work to your clients and affiliates.

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