Anyone with a standard DVD or disc player can watch and enjoy a PowerPoint presentation or photo album that you create.


  • You’ll need a DVD burner and burning software to complete the steps listed below.

  • Windows DVD Maker comes with Windows 7. However, if you’re using Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, you’ll need to get third-party DVD authoring software separately.

  1. First, convert your slide show to a video in powerpoint. To do that, see Save your presentation as a video.

  2. Next, open Windows DVD Maker or another third-party DVD authoring software.

    Note:  For these steps, we’ll use Windows DVD Maker.

  3. Click Choose Photos and Videos.

  4. Click Add items.

  5. Browse your file system to locate and select your newly created slide show video file, and click Add.

  6. Select the appropriate DVD burner and provide a DVD title.

  7. Insert a blank writable DVD into the DVD drive you selected, and click Next.

  8. Click Preview.

  9. To start the DVD burning process, click Burn.

    Burn your presentation to a DVD

    Note:  You can also save your presentation to a CD. To do that, see Save your presentation to a CD.

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