The Elevator Pitch

So you’re on a train, queuing at the bank or perhaps even in a lift and you start talking to someone rather interesting.  This person happens to be the major decision maker for a company you’d love to go after. Your seasoned sales brain tells you not to pass up this opportunity. You commence the selling […]

Nail your next sales presentation

Question: I have a great product and I’ve got a new prospect coming to our office for an early-morning presentation. What’s the best way to ensure I make my best first impression and get the sale? Answer: The fact that you are the only person involved in your presentation works in your favor. You’ll have […]

How to build Rapport in Sales

It’s surprising that there are so many sales people these days selling products without first building rapport. They are missing the first and most important step required when selling a product or service which is costing organisations heavily, with the loss of revenue and decrease in repeat business. With so many different definitions circulating around […]

How to build a sales process

In today’s world, time seems to be going faster than ever before. By the end of the day we look back at the ‘To Do’ list we had at the beginning of the day and see it is now longer than the one we started with. As our environment around us continues to change, we […]