The Four Ds of Sales Management

Recently I stumbled across some notes that I had kept from a project I had been involved in which involved looking at manager behaviours. The aim of this project was to identify “preferred behaviours” in sales managers when they were working closely with their sales representatives.The outputs were interesting and helped my colleagues identify four […]

9 Tips for Hosting a Q&A

Presentations can be scary. So scary, in fact, that the question and answer sessions (Q&A) which often follow them are rarely given much forethought. Yet a strong presentation can easily be undermined by a vocal critic or a poorly answered question. To ensure success, consider following a few simple rules: 1. Prepare for the worst […]

Corporate presentation advice

It is estimated that every day over 30 Million PowerPoint presentations are given. So how, in the world of corporate presentations, are you going to be the one who stands out from the crowd? You have to make your corporate presentation and your message heard above all of the noise. We have put together some […]

Speaker’s Checklist for Success

While teaching a Fundamentals of Public Speaking course at Wilberforce University for the last two years, I have developed a checklist to help me to grade students’ speeches. Below is an expanded version of that checklist that can be used by speakers to prepare for their presentations. There are 32 items to be aware of. […]

Surviving the mid sale crisis

In this article, we explore the skills and strategies, which help to win major sales we examine the issues arising in the evaluation of options phase of the Buying Cycle. This is one of the most misunderstood stages of the sale where all too often sellers simply submit a proposal and hope for the best. […]

Sales Strategies to Tackle Voicemail

It is not surprising that so many sales reps complain about not having their voicemail messages returned. Judging by the dozen or so voice mails I have received from sales people over the past couple of weeks the reason is obvious: they are rubbish! Sales reps complain about the impact of voice mail on their […]