A Design Template is a pre-made slide or set of slides that you get
when you click File > New in PowerPoint. For example, if you
are designing something for the office, then your employer may have
a Logo that needs to be added to each presentation. Instead of adding
the Logo to each slide, you can set up a Design Template, and add the
Logo to that. The template will then be available from the dialogue
box when you click File > New.

Or, if you have Power 2003, when you click From Design Template
in the Task Pane. You’ll then see the available designs appear:

What you’re going to do now is to create your own Design Template that
will appear on the dialogue box or on the Task Pane. But to get an idea
of what you’ll be doing, select any of the Design TEMPLATES, and click

When you do, you’ll see a New Slide dialogue box. Select the first
one (Title slide). powerpoint will give you the following new slide:

Insert another slide by clicking Insert > New Slide from
the powerpoint menu at the top. This time, select the Bulleted list.
You’ll then see the following slide appear:

The point about all this is that you don’t have to do any work formatting
the background, the fonts, or the text box positions. All that has been
taken care of in the Design Template.

The first thing to do when creating a Design Template is to set up
a Master Slide. We’ll do that in the next part.

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