Save Your PowerPoint Slides As JPG, GIF, PNG or Other Picture Formats

Create Pictures from PowerPoint Slides

Save powerpoint Slides as picture files such as .JPG or .GIF.

Save the Slides in a Picture Format
Once you have created your powerpoint presentation, you may wish to make picture files of all or certain Slides in the presentation. This is easily done when you use the Save As… command.


  1. Save the presentation as a powerpoint presentation file, just as you normally would. This will ensure that your presentation is always editable.
  2. Navigate to the slide that you wish to save as a picture.
  3. Add a file name in the File name: text box
  4. From the Save as type: drop down list, choose the picture format for this picture.
  5. Click the Save button.

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Save Current Slide or All Slides as Pictures

Create Pictures from PowerPoint Slides

Save single powerpoint Slides or all Slides as picture files such as .JPG or .GIF.

Current Slide or All Slides?
Once you choose to save the powerpoint presentation as a picture file, you will be prompted whether you want to export the current powerpoint slide or all Slides in the presentation as pictures.

Click the appropriate button.


Save All Slides or a Single powerpoint Slide as a Picture

Create Pictures from PowerPoint Slides

If you save more than one slide as a picture file, the pictures are added to a folder created by powerpoint.
  1. Saving One Slide as a Picture
    • If you choose to save only the current slide, powerpoint will save the picture in the chosen format using the current presentation filename as the picture filename, or you can choose to give the picture slide a new filename.

  2. Saving All Slides as Pictures
    • If you choose to save all the Slides as picture files, powerpoint will create a new folder using the presentation filename for the folder name (you may opt to change this folder name), and add all the picture files to the folder. Each picture will be named Slide 1, Slide 2 and so on.

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