If you’ve been following along with the lessons, you should now have
a slide that looks like this:

What we’re going to do for the animation is, when the slide first appears,
have nothing on the slide except the heading at the top. When the mouse
button is clicked each object will appear from the left. To see it in
action, launch Presentation 3 again. Navigate
to slide 5 and watch what happens when you click the left mouse button.


To animate the slide objects if you have PowerPoint 2003, click on
your first rectangle shape to select it. If it’s selected correctly,
you’ll see white circles around the edges.

With the first triangle selected, click Slide Show > Custom Animation
from the menu bar at the top. You should then see the following Task
Pane appear:

Click the Add Effects button and select Entrance > More

From the dialogue box that appears, select the Fly in item:

Click OK. Your Task Pane will then look like this:

Click the Direction dropdown list, and select From Left
(it’s set to From bottom, in the image above). Leave the Speed
on Very Fast.

Now click the second rectangle on your slide to select it, instead
of the first, and do the same as above. Select the third rectangle over
on the slide, and again do the same thing as for the first two. Finally,
click the text box at the bottom of your slide. This time, click Add
Effect > Entrance > More effects
. Then select Appear
from the list instead of Fly in. Your Task Pane will then look
something like this:

On the slide itself, you should see the numbers 1 to 4 appear besides
each object. Notice the green arrows in the Task Pane, just above the
Play and Slide Show buttons. If your objects are out of
sequence, you can select an object and move it up or down the order
by clicking the green arrows.

To test out your new animation, press the F5 key on your keyboard and
view your slide show so far.

In the next part of this tutorial, you’ll get some more practice with
creating Flow Charts in powerpoint.

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