Four Different Views of the Slides in PowerPoint

Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint

There are several different ways to view Slides in powerpoint.
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For powerpoint 2007 – Different Ways to View powerpoint 2007 Slides

Choose the Slide View that is Right for the Task

Slides in any powerpoint presentation can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on the task at hand.

Note – Screen captures in this tutorial show the different views in powerpoint 2003. However, all versions of powerpoint, from 97 – 2003, have these 4 different slide views available, but may look slightly different.


Normal View or Slide View

Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint

View the large version of the slide.
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The Most Common Slide View

Normal View or Slide View as it is more commonly known, is the most often used view while creating a powerpoint presentation.

When you first start the program, the screen opens in Slide View. Working on a large version of a slide is helpful when designing your presentation.


Outline View

Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint

Outline view shows only the text on the powerpoint Slides.
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Text Only

Outline View shows all the text of all Slides in a list on the left of the powerpoint screen. No graphics are shown in Outline view.

Outline view is useful for editing purposes and can be exported out as a Word document to use as a summary handout.


Slide Sorter View

Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint

Miniature versions or Thumbnails of Slides show in Slide Sorter View.
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Miniature Versions of Slides

Slide Sorter View shows a miniature version of all Slides, in horizontal rows. These miniature versions of the Slides are called thumbnails.

Slides can be easily deleted or rearranged quickly in this view. Effects such as transitions and sounds can be added to several Slides at the same time in Slide Sorter view.


Notes View

Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint

Add speaker notes to printouts of Slides in powerpoint.
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Speaker Notes

Notes View shows a smaller version of a slide with an area below for notes. Each slide is created on its own notes page. The speaker can print these pages out to use as a reference while making his presentation. The notes do not show on the screen during the presentation.

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