You’ve already created a Master Slide in a
previous section of this course, so we won’t go through everything
again. But if you have a presentation open in PowerPoint, click File
> Close
. Then click File > New. In powerpoint 2003,
select Blank Presentation from the Task Pane on the right hand
side. You’ll get a slide with a bulleted list. Locate the blank slide
in the Task Pane, and click the arrow:

From the menu, select Apply to Selected Slides, as in the image

In powerpoint 2000, you’ll see the New Presentation screen again. Click
on the General tab, then select Blank Presentation. Click
OK, and you should see the New Slide dialogue box appear. Select the
Blank slide, as in the image below:

For both 2000 and 2003 users, once you have a blank slide, click View
> Master > Slide Master
from the menu bar at the top of powerpoint:

You will be taken to the Master Slide view, and the slide should look
like this:

From here, you can redesign any of the areas you see above. First,
we’ll add a background.

Click Format from the menu at the top of powerpoint. From the
Format menu, select Background. You’ll see this small dialogue
box appear:

Click the black arrow on the dropdown list, and select Fill Effects:

From the Fill Effects dialogue box that appears, click the Picture
tab on the end. Browse for a picture on your computer. The one we’re
going to insert is amongst the file that you downloaded at the start
of the book, in the folder called backgrounds.

Your dialogue box will then look like this:

Click OK. When you get back to the small Background dialogue
box, click Apply. Your Master Slide will then look like this:

With the background in place, we can format the other areas. Highlight
the text in the Title area "Click to edit Master title style".
Change the Font to Arial, and the size to 36. Click Format > Font
from the menu bar, and select a colour for the Font. We went for a light
blue colour:

Format the rest of the AutoLayout areas in the same way. Don’t forget
the Footer area at the bottom. Format the slide number and date, if
you prefer:

We went with a dark blue colour in the main text area, and Arial for
the font. For the footer, the font was again Arial, but size 12 and
in white.

If you want, you can resize and move any of the text areas. We did
this before when setting up the Master Slide, so won’t go through it

When you’re happy with your Master Slide, click Close on the small
dialogue box. Or click View > Normal from the menu bar at
the top.

When you get back to the main screen, you should see the formerly white
blank canvas you started with change to that of the background you added
for the Master Slide.

In the next part, we’ll take as look at Title slides.


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