You can format a Chart Axis, and change the font, font size, colour,
etc. The process is a little fiddly. To start, make sure your chart
from the previous section is selected, as in the image below:

Format a PowerPoint Chart Axis

If you look at the image above, you’ll see shaded lines around the
outside, with black squares on the lines. If your chart looks like this
then you can Edit it. If you see white squares or circles instead, then
the Chart Object is selected, but you can’t edit it. Double click the
chart, if you see white squares or circles, and you’ll enter Edit mode.

To format the Category X Axis, right click on any of the text.
In the image below, we’ve clicked on Supervisors:

When you see the same menu as above, click Format Axis from
the menu. You should then see a dialogue box appear. This one:

This is not the Tab we want. So click on Font to see the following:

This is just the standard Font dialogue box that you’ve met before.
The font we went with was Arial, with a size of 12. We
didn’t go for Bold text, but Regular instead. But click OK when
you have made the changes.

Your Category X Axis will then look like this:

There’s not much left to do on this chart, now. We can change the bars
themselves, and move the Series Legend to the left. First, we’ll change
the bars, which are called the Data Series.

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