If there is a slide that you need in your presentation, but you do not want it to appear in the slide show, you can hide the slide.

This is particularly useful when you have added slides to a presentation that provide different levels of detail on the subject matter, perhaps for different audiences. You can mark these slides as hidden so that they are not displayed in your main slide show, but you can still access them if you need to.

For example, a member of your audience might ask you to explain an item in more detail. In that case, you can reveal the hidden slides that contain those details. However, if time is short and the audience is comprehending the concepts that you are delivering, you may want to keep the slides with the supplementary information hidden so that you can continue your presentation without visibly skipping over slides.

Note: When you hide a slide, the slide remains in the file even though it is hidden when you run the presentation in Slide Show view. You can switch the Hide Slide option on and off individually for any slide in the presentation.

  1. On the slide list view on the left, do one of the following:

    • To hide a slide, right-click the slide that you want to hide, and then click Hide Slide.

    • To show a slide that you previously hid, right-click the slide that you want to show, and then click Hide Slide.

Note: If you are in Slide Show view and you decide that you want to show a slide that you previously hid, you can right-click the current slide, click Go to Slide (click See All Slides if you are using PowerPoint 2016), and then click the slide that you want to show.

Note: If you are using powerpoint Online, when you click Go to Slide, you can only enter the slide number to go to the specific slide.

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