You can have a blank Excel worksheet appear on your slide. The cells
of the worksheet will then be available to type into. To try it for
yourself, insert a blank slide from the PowerPoint menu bar. Click Insert
> Object
again. The dialogue box will look like this:

From the Object type list, select Microsoft Excel Worksheet.
Then click OK. Your slide will look like the one in the image below:

This is an Excel Worksheet embedded into the slide. The image above
shows that cell A1 is selected. In the Image below, we’ve entered some

You can even create an Excel chart, once you’ve entered your data.
Click Insert from the powerpoint menu bar, and you’ll see a Chart
option. Click the other menus and you’ll see a lot of them now have
the same options that you find in Excel.

In the image below, we’ve created an Excel chart from our simple data:

If you’re familiar with Excel, have a play around with the menu option.
You can do quite a lot from powerpoint that you can do in Excel itself!


Insert a Ready-Made Excel Chart

The third Excel option is really just a variation of the above. This
time, however, you get a default chart and a worksheet already prepared.

Insert another blank slide, and click Insert > Object again.
From the dialogue box, select Microsoft Excel Chart from the

Click OK, and your slide will look like this:

As you can see, a chart is already prepared. But you can change this.
Click on Sheet1 at the bottom to see the data:

You can enter your own data here, and the chart will update automatically.

By embedding an Excel Chart into powerpoint, you can give your presentations
a more sophisticated look – it might even impress the boss!

In the next section, we’ll take a look at adding video and sound to
your presentations.


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