We only have 6 Slides in our presentation from the previous part of
this tutorial, and we need 7. To insert a new slide into a PowerPoint
presentation, click on the slide icon next to the number 6. This will
select slide 6:

Now click Insert from the menu bar at the top of powerpoint.
From the Insert menu, click New Slide:

Or click the New Slide icon on the toolbar at the top:


If you can’t see those icons, click View from the menu bar.
From the View menu, select Toolbars > Standard.

When you click on New Slide, you’ll see a dialogue box popping up if
you have powerpoint 2000. This one:

The second option, the one selected, is the slide we want. Click OK
when you have this slide selected.

If you have powerpoint 2003, you’ll see the Task Pane appear on the
right hand side:

Select the one outlined in the image above, the one highlighted in
blue under Text Layouts. You can also click the arrow to see
the following:

But whichever version you have, powerpoint will insert a new slide
for you. Because you had slide 6 selected, it will place the new slide
after this one – slide 7:

Notice that there is no heading next to number 7. The cursor should
be flashing away, though. Notice, too, the way your new slide looks
on the main stage:

With your cursor still flashing in the Outline View (after the number
7) type "Conclusion" for the heading. Your Outline View should
then look like this:

And the title for your new slide should look like this:

Now click on where it says "Click to add text". But click
on the text itself. The default text should disappear. Type some new
text for yourself. (Type anything you like, as we’ll come back to it:)

Now look at your Outline View. The text you added should appear there:

So we’ve added a new slide, and the heading is Conclusion. The
text we typed for the bullet is showing up below the heading.

OK, now that we have all seven Slides, we can start to put together
our slide show. We’ll do that in the next part of this tutorial, which
is all about Slide Titles.


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