Inserting Images In PowerPoint

To insert an image in PowerPoint, click Insert > Images. You can see hat there are four different types of image
you can insert here, and we’ll explore each one now.

Insert Powerpoint Image

Insert A Picture

If you have an image, for example a photo you have taken, on your PC’s hard drive, you would click on the Picture
button. Then you would navigate to the place on your hard drive where the picture was located and either double
click on it or select it and then click Insert.

Insert Clip Art

When you click the Clip Art button, the Clip Art panel opens on the right of the workspace.

Insert Powerpoint Image

We can use this panel to search for Clip Art images of certain things. In the image above, I searched for “telephone”
and found four related images. To narrow down the saerch, you can click on the Results should be
drop down list and select one of the categories of:

  • Illustrations
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Audios

To insert a Clip Art image, click on it.


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