Introduction to the Backstage View

The Ribbon, covered in the second lesson, is where you find all the commands necessary to make changes to your presentation. Clicking the tabs in the Ribbon changes the set of commands available to you while you work in your presentation.
After clicking the File tab, you can no longer see your presentation or the Ribbon. Instead, you see what Microsoft calls the Backstage view. This is where you:

  1. Manage your current presentation and other presentations (save, open, close, print, set permissions, etc.).
  2. See information about your current presentation (location, size, number of Slides and hidden Slides, author, etc.).
  3. Access Help.
  4. Manage your PowerPoint settings and options (display, AutoCorrect options, customize the Ribbon, etc.)

Introduction to the Backstage View

Many of the features of the Backstage view are covered in our advanced Microsoft powerpoint class. Only those which are essential to working with Microsoft powerpoint are covered in this class.

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