Moving Slides In PowerPoint

You’ve spent time planning how you want your presentation to look and you’ve painstakingly designed it’s look and feel. You’ve taken great care
with every stylish slide you’ve added. But oh oh, you know see that slide 6 actually belongs before slide 5! What do you do, start again from
scratch? There is no need. All you have to do is move the slide. You can change the sequence of your slides by moving them around your

To move a slide in your presentation, all you have to do is drag and drop it where you need it. As you drag the slide, you should see an
insertion point that looks like eithe a horizontal or vertical line, depending on which powerpoint view you are using, that tells you where your
slide will appear.

If you have many slides to move around, and want to get an overall view of how your slides are organised, using the Slide sorter view is
your best option.

You can move several slides around as a group by selecting them all first and then dragging and dropping them. To select multiple slides,
hold down the control key on your keyboard as you click on additional slides. Alternatively, if the slides you need to select occur in an unbroken sequence,
you can select the first slide and then hold down the shift key as you click on the last slide.

Moving Slides With Keyboard Shortcuts

Another way to move slides around is to cut and paste them. Select the slide(s) you want to move and then right click > Cut. Select the
slide that is positioned before where you want the slide to go and then right click > Paste. The slide(s) will appear after the selected slide.
If you want to speed things up, you can use keyboard shortcuts: select the slide you want to move, press ctrl-x to cut it and then ctrl-v to
paste it.

Dragging and dropping your slides is probably the easiest method to use.


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