Adding callouts to images

In our lesson on Inserting Images, we illustrated how to add images and screenshots to your Slides. Sometimes you may want to draw attention to a specific part of the image by adding a callout. A callout can be any shape, and PowerPoint even has some shapes that are specifically designed to be used as callouts.

Adding Callouts to ImagesA slide with various callouts

To add callouts to an image:

  1. From the Insert tab, select the Shapes command. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Select the desired shape.
    Adding Callouts to ImagesSelecting a shape
  3. Click and drag the slide to create the shape. You may need to move or resize the shape so it points to the desired part of the image.
    Adding Callouts to ImagesCreating a shape
  4. If you want your callout to contain text, start typing while the shape is selected.
    Adding Callouts to ImagesTyping text into the callout
  5. From the Format tab, you can use the options in the Shape Styles group to customize the appearance of the shape. You can also adjust the font from the Home tab.
    Adding Callouts to ImagesAfter applying new colors and effects to the shape

The callouts should appear in front of the image. If they appear behind it, you can use the Arrange command on the Home tab to adjust the ordering. For more information, check out our lesson on Arranging Objects.

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