Artistic effects and styles

To apply an artistic effect:

  1. Select the picture. The Format tab will appear.
  2. Click the Format tab.
  3. Click the Artistic Effects command. A drop-down menu will appear.
    Formatting PicturesThe Artistic Effects menu
  4. Hover over the different presets to see a live preview of each one.
  5. When you’ve found a preset you like, click it to select it.
  6. To adjust the settings for the effect, click Artistic Effects again and select Artistic Effect Options.

Many clip art images do not allow you apply artistic effects. Generally speaking, the ones that look hand-drawn or painted do not work, while photographs do.

To apply a picture style:

  1. Select the picture. The Format tab will appear.
  2. Select the Format tab.
  3. Click the More drop-down arrow to display all picture styles.
    Formatting PicturesViewing the Picture Styles
  4. Hover over a picture style to display a live preview of the style in the slide.
  5. Select the desired style.
    Formatting PicturesAfter adding a Picture Style
  6. To refine the picture style, click the Picture Effects command to see the Effects drop-down menu.
    Formatting PicturesThe Picture Effects menu
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