Change PowerPoint Slides from Landscape to Portrait Orientation

PowerPoint 2010 Portrait Slide Orientation

Select portrait or landscape slide orientation in powerpoint 2010.
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powerpoint 2010 Portrait Slide Orientation

By default, powerpoint lays out the Slides in a landscape orientation — that is, with the longer sides horizontal. However, there are times when you need your Slides to show in a portrait orientation, with  the longer sides vertical. This is a relatively easy change to make. There are several different ways to do this, depending upon which version of powerpoint you're using. powerpoint 2016 and 2013 share one procedure. powerpoint 2010 and 2007 share a slightly different procedure. Note also that the steps you'll take are somewhat different in Windows and Mac OS. Each of these procedures is outlined below;


Windows: Quick Change from Landscape to Portrait, powerpoint 2016 & 2013

​To quickly change from Landscape to Portrait view in powerpoint 2016 and 2013

  1. Click  on the View tab, then click Normal.
  2. Now click on the Design tab,  then select Slide Size in the Customize group and click on Custom Slide Size.
  3. In the Slide Size dialog box, select Portrait.
  4. At this point you have an option. You can either click on Maximize, which makes the maximum use of the available slide space, or you can click on Ensure Fit, which, as the title explains, makes sure that your slide content fit on the vertical (Portrait) orientation. 


Windows: Quick Change from Landscape to Portrait, powerpoint 2010 & 2007

 ​To quickly change from Landscape to Portrait view in powerpoint 2010 and 2007

  1. On the Design tab and in the Page Setup group, click Slide Orientation.
  2. Click Portrait.


Mac OS: Quick Change from Landscape to Portrait, All powerpoint Versions.

To change the page orientation from landscape to portrait in all versions of powerpoint on your Mac:

  1.  Click on the Design tab, then click Slide Size.
  2. Now click on Page Setup.
  3. In the Page Setup dialog box you'll see Orientation. Click on Portrait. 


Online Capabilities and a Workaround

PowerPoint 2010 Portrait Slide Orientation

powerpoint 2010 page setup includes portrait or landscape orientation.
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As of 2016, powerpoint Online does not have a portrait slide orientation capability — Microsoft's explanation is that "powerpoint Online is designed for landscape slide orientation," which, decoded, means the feature is lacking. There's a workaround, however, it requires your owning a desktop version of powerpoint. In that case, open the project in the desktop version, make the switch from landscape to portrait, save that version and then close it. When you open in powerpoint Online, your Slides will appear in Portrait view. 


Landscape and Portrait Slides in the Same Presentation

Another slightly puzzling limitation in extant versions of powerpoint as of 2016 is that there is no simple way of combining landscape Slides and portrait Slides in the same presentation. If you've worked with slide presentations, you know that this really a basic capability; without it some Slides won't present the material very effectively (a vertical list, for example, where the presentation in Landscape format simply means that the list will appear unnecessarily reduced in size from the optimum). Fortunately, there is a workaround. This is explained in detail here.  

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