PowerPoint 2010 tips and tricks

You’ve created tons of PowerPoint presentations. But perhaps you need some timesaving techniques to help you work faster. This short course will do just that: give you tips and tricks for working with PowerPoint 2010.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Open PowerPoint fast by using a keyboard shortcut.

  • Use a template from Office.com.

  • Make a slide from a single bullet.

  • Crop a picture to a shape.

  • Zoom with your mouse.

  • Reuse a slide from another presentation.

  • Use Slide Sorter view.

  • Insert a screenshot.

  • Insert a screen clipping.

  • Show or hide the ribbon.

  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar.

Download this course

Offline Version (18 MB)

Quick reference card

See the quick reference card for a brief, printable reminder of the key points in this course.

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