Modifying the table style

To apply a table style:

  1. Click anywhere on the table. The Table Tools tab will appear on the Ribbon.
  2. Select the Table Tools Design tab, and locate the Table Styles.
  3. Click the More drop-down arrow to see all of the table styles.
    Working with TablesChanging the table style
  4. Hover the mouse over the various styles to see a live preview.
    Working with TablesPreviewing the new table style
  5. Select the desired style.
    Working with TablesThe modified table

To change table styles options:

Once you’ve chosen a table style, you can turn various options on and off to change the appearance of the table. There are six options: Header Row, Total Row, Banded Rows, First Column, Last Column, and Banded Columns.

  1. Click anywhere on the table. The Table Tools tab will appear.
  2. Click the Table Tools Design tab.
  3. Hover the mouse over each option in the Table Style Options group to see an explanation of what it does, and check or uncheck the desired options.
    Working with TablesChecking and unchecking table style options

Depending on the table style you’re using, certain table style options may have somewhat different effects. You may need to experiment to get the exact look you want.

To add borders to a table:

  1. Select the cells you want to add a border to.
    Working with TablesSelecting cells to add borders
  2. From the Table Tools Design tab, select the desired Line Style, Line Weight, and Pen Color.
    Working with TablesSelecting border options
  3. Click the Borders drop-down arrow.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the desired border type.
    Working with TablesSelecting a border
  5. The border will be added to the selected cells.
    Working with TablesThe added border
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