Outline view

Outline view shows your slide text in outline form. This allows you to quickly edit your slide text and view the content of multiple Slides at once. You could use this layout to review the organization of your slide show and prepare to deliver your presentation.

To view an outline:

  1. From the View tab, click the Outline View command.
    Managing SlidesClicking the Outline View command
  2. An outline of your slide text will appear in the slide navigation pane.
  3. You can type directly in the outline to make changes to your slide text.
    Managing SlidesEditing an outline

Slide notes

You can add notes to your Slides from the Notes pane. Often called speaker notes, they can help you deliver or prepare for your presentation.

To add notes:

  1. Click the Notes command at the bottom of the screen to open the Notes pane.
    Managing SlidesClicking the Notes command
  2. Click and drag the edge of the pane to resize it if desired.
    Managing SlidesResizing the Notes pane
  3. Click the Notes pane, and begin typing to add notes.
    Managing SlidesAdding notes

You can also access Notes Page view to edit and review your notes. Just click the Notes Page command from the View tab. From there, you can type notes in the text box below each slide.

Managing SlidesNotes Page view

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