Even though PowerPoint presentations are designed to be viewed on a computer, there may be times when you want to print them. You can even print custom versions of a presentation, which can be especially helpful when presenting your slide show. The Print pane makes it easy to preview and print your presentation.

Optional: Download our practice presentation.

Watch the video below to learn more about printing in powerpoint.

Print layouts

powerpoint offers several layouts to choose from when printing a presentation. The layout you choose will mostly depend on why you’re printing the slide show. There are four types of print layouts.

  • Full Page Slides: This prints a full page for each slide in your presentation. This layout is most useful if you need to review or edit a printed copy of your presentation.
  • Notes Pages: This prints each slide, along with any speaker notes for the slide. If you’ve included a lot of notes for each slide, you could keep a printed copy of the notes with you while presenting.
  • Outline: This prints an overall outline of the slide show. You could use this to review the organization of your slide show and prepare to deliver your presentation.
  • Handouts: This prints thumbnail versions of each slide, with optional space for notes. This layout is especially useful if you want to give your audience a physical copy of the presentation. The optional space allows them to take notes on each slide.
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