Everyone who uses PowerPoint has faced this situation: you know what you want to do with a slide or a slide object, but you don’t know
where to find the related option in powerpoint! powerpoint 2016 has a new feature
called Tell Me that will tell you what you need to do! Tell Me is a text field that you can see in
powerpoint 2016 after the last Tab of the Ribbon. Notice that it reads
Tell me what you want to do, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1.

What is Smart Lookup?
Figure 1: Tell me what you want to do

Within this box, you can type the words and phrases related to what you want to achieve.
Here are some guidelines that will help you in using the Tell Me feature in powerpoint 2016:

What is Smart Lookup?

A Smart Lookup is similar to the options available in the Research Task Pane in older versions of powerpoint. You can learn more within our Smart Lookup in powerpoint 2016 tutorial.

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