Animation For PowerPoint

To add a custom animation to an object in Microsoft PowerPoint, first of all select the object, then click
animation in the ribbon to see all the animation options we have at our disposal. We can see a few thumbnail images
representing entrance effects in the animation group.

Powerpoint Animation

That’s not a very big selection of effects. To see more effects, click on the dialogue launcher at the bottom
right of the Animation group. A more comprehensive selection of effects is then displayed in a thumbnail gallery, in the categories of:

  • Entrance – this kind of animation brings the object onto the PowerPoint slide from a location off the slide
  • Emphasis – once the object is on the slide, you can give it some emphasis with this kind of animation
  • Exit – animations in this category remove the object from a slide
  • Motion Paths – applying this kind of animation allows us to plot a path for the object to follow

Powerpoint Animation

Previewing Animations

When you hover your mouse over the thumbnail image of an animation, you can see a preview of what that animation
would look like if applied. The animation plays once. You also get to see what the animation looks like when you actually
apply it to the object. If you want to see a preview of the animation at any other time, click the Preview
button to the far left of the Animations tab.

All slides that include an animation display a wooshing star next to the slide in slide view and slide sorter view
(read more about PowerPoint Views).

To remove an animation from an object, click on the dialogue box launcher and select None at the top.


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