Slide Number three on our
presentation is another chart. This time, instead of a bar chart,
we have a simple Pie Chart. This is what your chart will look like when
it’s finished:

This Pie Chart shows information about telephone calls. It’s meant
to show how well (or not) each shift is doing. The morning shift spend
8 minutes per call talking to customers, the afternoon shift 6 minutes,
and the evening shift 12 minutes. Again, this is a simple chart that
would tell an audience fairly quickly what they needed to know.

To add the Pie Chart to your presentation, insert a new slide as before.
First, click Insert > New Slide. Select the Chart template,
either from the dialogue box for PowerPoint 2000, or the Task Pane in

You’ll see the template appear on the main powerpoint stage:

Click inside the Title area at the top and add the following title:

The font used is Arial, and the first line is 44 points in size, while
the second line is 20.

When you’ve added the Title for slide 3, "Double click to add
chart", just like it says. You should see the same default slide
appear as for our first slide. The Datasheet will appear, as well. Delete
Rows 2 and 3, just like
you did for the first chart. Then enter the following information
in the Datasheet:

When you’re finished, your Datasheet should look like this:

And your chart will look like this on the powerpoint main stage:

The default is a 3D Bar chart. What we want is a Pie chart. To turn
your Bar chart into a Pie chart, right click anywhere on the chart itself.
(Right clicking on any of the bars should do it. If you can see white
squares or circles surrounding your chart instead of black squares,
double click the chart.)

When you right click, you should see this context menu:

Select Chart Type from the menu, and the following dialogue
box will appear:

The dialogue box shows all the chart types running down the left hand
side. When you click a Chart Type, you’ll see the various options for
that chart. Click on Pie, and your dialogue box should change
to this:

As you can see, there are 6 Pie charts available. Click the fourth
one, the one highlighted in black in the image above. This is call an
Exploded Pie chart. An exploded pie chart is one where the segments
are separated. Click OK and your chart will look like this:

It doesn’t look too bad as it is. But we can format it a little. The
first thing we can do is to change the colours of the segments, which
we’ll do in the next lesson.

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