For Presentation number two, we’ll put together a PowerPoint presentation
from blank Slides. This is when you add Slides and slide contents all
by yourself. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Master Slide
  • How to add your own backgrounds to Slides
  • Slide transitions
  • Bullet effects
  • animated images
  • How to use the powerpoint pen tool

To see what your finished presentation will looks like, download and
play the file below:

When you’ve finished this section, you’ll have created a presentation
just like the one above.

The Images you need for the presentation are here (if you’ve already
downloaded the images for Presentation one, then you don’t need to download
again – all the images are include in one ZIP file):

The images you need are in the folder called presentation2.

Let’s make a start by setting up a Master Slide.

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