Not every computer system has PowerPoint installed. So, to overcome this disadvantage Microsoft powerpoint Viewer acts as a viable option. powerpoint Viewer is a free software that you can use to view your presentations from Microsoft powerpoint 97 or above. It’s a convenient and quick way to view powerpoint files on your personal computer.

For webinars and web conferences, this is the most commonly used presentation software that gets the message to an audience in a visual and interesting way. It is installed by default with a Microsoft Office 2003 installation for effective use with the package for CD features. Not just this, it is also available for download from the Microsoft Office Online website.

Avoid Surprises And Be Prepared With Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (Free)

After devoting hours creating a presentation with your full powerpoint program, it can be a bit stressful to arrive at a location to find out that the software is not available. Thus, to avoid surprises before any presentation or meeting, it makes sense to keep the powerpoint Viewer handy, e.g. on a USB drive.

powerpoint Viewer enables users to print the presentation for handouts and notes. On the other hand, users cannot edit per-existing ones and create new presentations. When you require adding the software to any computer, simply follow the simple steps that are here as under:

Whether you are conducting a webinar for your customers or are having an online meeting with your team, being able to use Microsoft powerpoint Viewer relieves the most stressful situation and allows you making a huge positive impact on the audience.

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