In PowerPoint 2010 you can use the basic copy and paste functionality for example to copy text or powerpoint graphics to the same slide, other Slides in your presentation or to any external program. You can also paste from external programs into powerpoint, for example if you need to copy Excel spreadsheets, HTML content from a web page into powerpoint or any other text or media content into the Slides.

Copy and Paste in PowerPoint 2010

There are many different ways to copy and paste in powerpoint, but the easier way to copy and paste is using the powerpoint shortcuts CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste. Using the Copy and Paste Shortcuts you can being more efficiently while designing your powerpoint presentations. You can also copy and paste from the Home menu, using the buttons that are in the Clipboard section.

Copy and Paste in PowerPoint 2010

From here you can Cut, Copy, Duplicate and Paste content into and from powerpoint. You can also use the Format Painter from this menu.

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