Previously on FPPT we have introduced some free maps for PowerPoint presentations or premium US Map powerpoint toolkits that you can use to design awesome maps for powerpoint Slides.

Free US Map Outline for PowerPoint Presentations

Now you can download a free US map template ready to be used in your presentations and US map outline that you can copy and paste into your powerpoint presentations. See a real example below, we have used the US map to draw a line and measure the distance between two cities in powerpoint PPT presentation.

Free US Map Outline for PowerPoint Presentations

What is included in this free USA Map template for powerpoint?

The free USA Map template for powerpoint comes with different styles and layouts. For example, you can download the US map template and use one of the map layouts with a slight perspective to make the map more impressive, or just use the US outline map that you can easily customize the map background and styles for your own needs.

The United States map for powerpoint doesn’t come with editable states, but it is very useful too because allows you to change the color (re-color) the map outline to be used for different purposes. This is why we have created this map using powerpoint shapes (yes, it is a free US map shape for powerpoint that you can use instead of plain map created from images with bitmaps).

Free US Map Outline for PowerPoint Presentations

One of the Slides that you can see in the figure above contains a gray US map slide design. You can also find pins shapes in powerpoint so you can easily pinpoint any location or create big US Map Posters in powerpoint or create. What is included inside? Editable US map in high resolution design or shape format, with detailed border design. You can recolor the slide design and use with all versions of powerpoint for Microsoft Office but also as a Keynote presentation template.

Alternatively you can download other free USA Maps and presentation TEMPLATES with map shapes including USA powerpoint templates.

Free US Map Outline for PowerPoint Presentations Download US Map powerpoint Template
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