Whether you bargain at the fruit market, or dealing with your better half over small issues, you are always negotiating. It’s a fact of life and cannot be ignored at any point of time as it’s an innately complex matter.

Getting the Yes: Review on Fisher and Ury Method of Negotiation

The book Getting to Yes written by Roger Fisher and William Ury, the associate director and director of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Getting the Yes: Review on Fisher and Ury Method of Negotiation basically focuses on the method of Principled Negotiation. This concept actually allow in reaching an agreement that will be accepted by both the parties.

The solutions explained in the book enable both the sides to achieve their desired outcomes. Here are some important constituents of principled negotiation. Let us discuss in detail:

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Undoubtedly, in real life negotiations by practicing the above mentioned elements you will become proficient against defending against unethical practices. More satisfactory results and a win-win situation are sure to arise at one level.

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