gPDF is a handy tool to view online PDF, PPT, pptx, and other multiple document format. It sets links to these file formats to open with Google Docs Viewer and Zoho Viewer. By using this extension or addon available for major web browsers, you don’t need any desktop based PDF viewer (like Adobe Reader) or even Microsoft Office suite (like PowerPoint or Word) to open such files. It is by far a handly alternative to Microsoft powerpoint Viewer or other free viewers for documents.

The extension is available in major browsers for example Mozilla Firefox add-on, Google Chrome Extension, Greasemonkey script (userscript), Opera Extension, Safari extension and others.

gPDF is a handly addon that lets you open documents and presentations easily

You can use this gPDF tool if you need to open lot of documents while browsing the Internet and don’t want to waste time. The addon or extension just add a link to open the document easily.

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