Tumblr is a web 2.0 project that everybody loves, especially between teenagers but also for other ages. With more of 16 billions of page views per month, Tumblr is one of the most visited websites online. Here you can share posts, add reviews, share photos, music and more. You can create a webpage in minutes, change the layout, share with your friends, socialize online and get more friends.

How to embed PowerPoint into Tumblr

Tumblr takes the antiquated medium of the blog and refreshes it with a new format, a centralized platform, and more interactivity connecting to friend streams and activities. Like Facebook, it’s yet another face on your online personality, a scrap book of the Web-you and like Pinterest it allows you to share photos online and pin what you like.

How to embed PowerPoint into TumblrIn fact Tumblr is like another blogging platform that makes it easier to post video, audio, words, social bookmarks, photos, and even other people’s blog posts into your blog, and share it with other people.

The main difference is maybe that instead of having to upload things to YouTube, Delicious or Flickr, or create your own WordPress database before posting things, here you can just create a webpage and put all your media directly into Tumblr from your computer or mobile phone.

How to publish a PowerPoint presentation in Tumblr

But this site is about presentations and powerpoint templates, so if you want to embed a powerpoint presentation template in Tumblr, there are many different ways to accomplish this. One of the methods that we will introduce here is using a 3rd. party service named Slideonline.com

Slideonline.com is a free online powerpoint sharing website that lets you upload PPT files and share online with your colleagues or a web page.

Once you create an account for free and upload your first PPT presentation, it is available online and converted to a special format where you can embed it in your web pages and blogs.

How to embed PowerPoint into Tumblr

When you uploaded the powerpoint presentation or .ppt template to this online sharing website, then you can get an Embed code that comes in the following format:


How to embed PowerPoint into Tumblr


SlideOnline.com is a free tool for sharing presentations and your Slides online which means that you can share your PPTs in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other websites and social networks.

Once you have the embed code, go to your Tumblr page and add a new HTML code to your new post. Here you will need to paste the embed code and then publish the page.

Of course Tumblr is also supported since practically the embed code of Slideonline.com can be embedded into any HTML web page. There are other possible alternatives for example using other online services, slidedog or even the official Microsoft Web Apps so you can embed MS powerpoint into webpages.

Go to tumblr.com | Go to slideonline.com

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