To insert a table of content in PowerPoint we can use the free addin for powerpoint offered by Bill. PageXXofYY is a free addin that we can use to save the current selection of Slides, format the slide numbers but also to insert a simple but useful table of content in the powerpoint presentation.

How to Make a Table of Content in PowerPoint Presentation

Once you download the addin, the usage is very easy. Just need to install the ppa file and enable the macros and then find the Add-Ins menu with the options. Here you will see three buttons with the features available in this basic addin.

First, select all the Slides on the left that you want to include in the summary slide or table of content. If you have a few Slides then you may want to select all the Slides for the table of content, however if you have so many Slides then maybe you have chapter Slides or sections so you can use only these to include in the chapter table of content.

Click on Linked Summary Slide to generate the table of content for the selected Slides.

What happened to the Summary Slide feature that was available in powerpoint 2003 and older versions? Microsoft has decided to remove it in powerpoint 2007 and 2010, instead Microsoft suggest to add the chapter and table of content manually copying the slide titles from the slide sorter. Learn more here.

How to Make a Table of Content in PowerPoint Presentation

So if you need to insert an index, summary or table of content with linked Slides then you can use this free tool for powerpoint. Alternatively, Joel from joelblogs suggested another way to automatically create the table of content of any presentation using VBA code. You just need to download the pptm code available in his website and then run it.

Download free addin from

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