There are numerous methods for converting presentations made from pptx or PPT TEMPLATES to video format. In a previous post we showed you the built-in feature of PowerPoint 2010 (also available in powerpoint 2013) to Convert powerpoint Presentation To Video Format. There are also many other methods that can be used for converting your powerpoint Slideshows to a desired video format.

How To Manually Convert A powerpoint File To A Desired Video Format

As the built-in feature of Microsoft powerpoint offers very few video formats for converting your Slideshows into a video presentation, one can use a screencast tool for this purpose. This might be better than converting the powerpoint converted video to another format by using a video conversion tool, to avoid video degradation.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

Record Presentations With Animations And Transitions

Let’s take a look at how you can convert a PPT into AVI format. For the purpose of this post, we will be using the BB FlashBack Screen Recorder. However, you can also use other tools for this purpose, such as Ezvid, Screenr or CamtasiaStudio. To get started, launch your PPT presentation and the BB FlashBack Screen Recorder. From the recorder you can either choose to capture the whole window, the entire desktop or a selected region. It is also worth mentioning here that using this method you can record presentations without losing your transition effects and animations.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

Capture powerpoint Slides in Normal or Slideshow Mode

You can either launch your presentation in Slideshow mode for recording the various Slides or simply launch the recorder in regular in the Normal mode by specifying an area to capture.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

Export Video To AVI Or Upload To YouTube

Once your Slides have been captured, hit Stop by clicking on the system tray icon and save the file in FBR format. Double click the FBR file to launch the video in the BB FlashBack Player from where you can either Export it to a video format or upload it directly as a YouTube video.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

Selecting the Export option will allow you to either save the video as an AVI or SWF (Flash) file.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

The below image shows a PPT converted to AVI format using the BB FlashBack Screen Recorder.

How To Manually Convert PPT To AVI

BB FlashBack Recorder works with Windows based operating systems, including:

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