Screen captures are great to show the screen in a PowerPoint presentation, especially if we need to make a presentation on a product show case or demo or even to show a web page taken from your browser. But there are other situations where screenshots and screen captures are good. For example, if we need to make a powerpoint presentation to describe product bugs and fixes, then we can use the screen capture to show the exact page or window where the problem or bug appeared.

How to take a screen capture for PowerPoint

We already published an article explaining how to use the built in feature that allows us to take screen captures in powerpoint. How to take a screen capture for powerpoint. However, we can use some other products that are professionally designed to get the most from screenshots and works in Windows, Linux, Mac or even take screenshots from Mobile devices. In the official Microsoft Office blog we can learn how to use screen clipping as an alternative to take screenshots for powerpoint.

Even if we are not using powerpoint, we can take screenshots with other software and even with the browser. In MakeUseOf the author have introduced a list of applications and extensions that we can download to take screenshots. Learn more in 4 Firefox extensions to take screenshots.

If we need more alternatives to the built in screen clipping tool in powerpoint or Microsoft Office, we can get a list of other screen grab tools from Alternative To. This page shows a list of apps that we can download to take screenshots in different platforms. GreenGrab is the favorite and an open source solution to take free screenshots and then embed it in powerpoint or even share online. With GreenGrab you can also annotating, highlighting or obfuscating parts of a screenshot prior to embed it in powerpoint. Snagit and Jing are some other alternatives.

If you are designing a powerpoint presentation or even preparing a powerpoint template, then screen grab tools can be very helpful and handly to make presentations and decorate your Slides with screenshots.

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