Presentations for different age groups have to be created with different mindset. It is a critical job and when carrying it out, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. This is not as easy as it sounds; no matter how hard you try you cannot  think exactly like them.

Hence, the best way is to spend sometime with the people of the age group you are going to make the presentation for. The most crucial presentation to be made is for the adolescents and youth. These are vacillating minds and can easily be molded.

This makes it significant and a delicate subject at the same time.  There are certain pros and cons that you should count and keep in  mind while preparing the presentation:

Your presentation will vary with different age-groups, here is an overview of what you should dwell upon specifically for each of them:

Age 6 to 12

Age 13 to 15

Age 16 to 19

Practice for the presentation, its is not solely about the topic but also how will you put forward your ideas. Keep your mind open because when presenting to the youth, there is lot to learn from as well.


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