The new Apple TV features a 1080p HD resolution that gives you access to the best content including movies TV shows, sports, music, photos but also to be used as a great presentation device for PowerPoint presentations in conjunction with your widescreen TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices on your TV using AirPlay.

Play PowerPoint presentations on Apple TV

Here we will see how to open and play powerpoint presentations on the Apple TV. First, you need to create a powerpoint presentation and then setup it as Slideshow on the Apple TV.

Play PowerPoint presentations on Apple TVA possible approach is to save your presentation as PNG or other image format, so:

  1. Open powerpoint
  2. Go to File and Save As and then select PNG from the file type combo.
  3. Specify a target folder where the files will be saved
  4. Then open iTunes and then iTunes Store. Login there using the account you previously used for Apple TV.
  5. Go to iPhoto and create a new album and then import the photos
  6. Then go to File and then Export. Choose Slideshow and optimize the images for display on your Apple TV.
Lastly but not least important, go to your Apple TV and choose to sync the album from the Apple TV’s photos.

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