If you are trying to open a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft powerpoint and get a warning message saying that powerpoint Can’t Read the Outline: No text converted is installed for this file type, then here we will try to help you to recover the file. It is unclear why you get this error message but there are many different discussions around the Internet with different solutions.

PowerPoint Can’t Read the Outline: No text converted is installed for this file type

Workaround #1 – Rename .ppt to .pptx

The workaround here will assume that you have a .ppt file that you want to open in powerpoint 2010 or powerpoint 2013.

One possible solution is to rename the .ppt file to .pptx file so powerpoint can understand that we are trying to open an OpenDocument or Open XML file format.

If this doesn’t work, then let’s try this different solution.

Workaround #2 – Convert using ZamZar

Go to ZamZar (zamzar.com). ZamZar it is a free service that lets you convert almost any file format to any output file format.

Rename your source .ppt file to .odp (OpenDocument Presentation) that is the file format used by OpenOffice. Then go to Zamzar and upload the file. You need to specify the output file so please choose PPT and then enter your email address. Once completed, you will get an email with instructions and then download link.  If everything goes ok, you will receive a link to download the converted .ppt and this time it should work.

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