Whenever a discussion pops up over the efficacy of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, there is one thing that always deserves a special mention. And that is visual appeal! powerpoint Presentations add value to the expression of an idea in a more innovative and presentable manner.

When Slides are used in conjunction with your oral speech, presentation takes an entirely different meaning. As powerpoint allows you to incorporate relevant pictures, graphs and quotes, so the content becomes a lot more captivating and understandable. The best part is that you do not need to remember facts and figures as you can always take reference from information stated in Slides.

Pro’s And Con’s of Using Audio & Video in Business Presentations

Above stated facts highlight the overall benefits of giving PPT presentations. But, the prime motif of this text will remain on using audio/visual aids in presentations. Using multimedia as part of your presentation is not only entertaining but also educational. By enhancing the conveyance of text messages, these serve as an amazing technique to grab hold of audience’s attention. However, certain drawbacks are also associated with it.



Technology can be a boom only until it has been employed in the right direction. Therefore, realize the essence of your presentation and accordingly proceed forward to relate with your audience.

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