There is a hype nowadays about using presentations and multimedia content in the classroom and Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software widely adopted. Despite that there are other tools like Prezi or Keynote, not all the teachers have the time to innovate or start learning a new technology. Here we will cover a few pros and cons while teaching via powerpoint.

Pros and Cons Teaching via PowerPoint

Using powerpoint you can add a new dimension to the learning experience and keep your students stand up. You can use powerpoint in a good and bad way so make sure you understand all the points below before you start using PPTs in your classroom because if you use it in a bad way powerpoint can potentially confuse students and make learning a difficult process, especially when you use Slides with lot of text and boring content. Let’s see some powerpoint strengths and weaknesses.

Pros Teaching via powerpoint in the Classroom

Cons Teaching via powerpoint

However, as in any other field there are cons and disadvantage that we need to know when teaching via powerpoint. Let’s see some cons:


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