SmartDot is a revolutionary wifi laser point and remote controller for presentations that is compatible with PowerPoint presentations. You can use SmartDot as a virtual laser pointer for your presentations based on powerpoint. By using this nice gadget that is connected to your mobile, you can generate a virtual red dot point in your presentation screen or projector.

SmartDot: Wifi laser point and remote controller for presentationsSmartDot: Wifi laser point and remote controller for presentations

The application available for iPhone lets you press a button and will adjust the red point in the screen, then you can move the device in any direction to simulate the laser point movement. This is pretty nice for presentations and just need a small cylindrical (8.9mm diameter) can be plugged into any 3.5mm headphone minijack of a iPhone & iPod Touch. Is compatible with powerpoint and you can also play it with other presentation software including online Slides.

The ‘Smart Dot’ project was developed to enter new markets with the aim at delivering new user experiences by reinterpreting an already existing product in the market through true convergence of hardware and software. You can use this state of the art product in conjunction with powerpoint templates and to play your presentations online.

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