If you need to prepare a summary of key accounts then you can use this free Excel spreadsheet template provided by JaxWorks and available to be downloaded from Office website. This Excel template for Excel 2007 and later can help you to keep tracks on activities and characteristics of 20 large, repeat customers and you can use it to make a sales strategy planning report.

Summary of Key Accounts Template for Excel

You can customize this summary of key accounts template to make it look much better and use styles available in the new Excel 2013 version, or you can move forward and insert this same spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation if you are preparing a strategy plan presentation or sales template in powerpoint.

In this spreadsheet you can enter data for key accounts including account name, account rep, and also the sales during a given month and sales Year to Date. You can also include the number of orders per month and summarize the total numbers YTD inside this key account management template.


This template is not available anymore, you can download the alternative template given below and find more related templates from our catalog of Sales templates for Excel.

Go to Download Customer Profitability Analysis Template for Excel

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